With the one and only ... Josh F/X

I entered a room filled with mirrors and the mist of some god awful cologne I spotted Josh F/X. After distracting him from posing and gyrating he agreed to sit down with Metro Pro Wrestling and take part in our new interview segment called "Behind the Curtain". In this interview, we try to help you -- the fans -- meet and get to know the wrestler in more detail.

MPW: Josh, we appreciate taking your time to sit down with the fans of Metro Pro Wrestling
and helping us get to know a little more about the wrestler, Josh F/X.

Josh: Who better to ask about Josh F/X than me?

MPW: Point taken. So in order to help the fans get to know who Josh F/X is we created some
questions, the first was is what wrestler(s) have influenced your career?

Josh: Steve Corino and many of the wrestlers from ECW. The wrestlers and the things they
did in ECW were phenomenal.

MPW: What territories have you wrestled in?

Josh: I have wrestled in Oklahoma, Texas, Florida, Las Vegas, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico,
and over course the Metro Pro territory.

MPW: Wow you have traveled a lot. What goals do you have for the next three years?

Josh: I want to wrestle on National television, wrestle in Japan and in parts of Europe. Along
with that I hope to collect some Championships.

MPW: What type of match have you enjoyed wrestling in? Why?

Josh: I want to referee a bikini match with two ladies. It would likely be a short match though
because they wouldn't be able to keep their hands off of me.

MPW: What best describes your in ring style?

Josh: Isn't it obvious, I am confident. Why wouldn't I be?

MPW: Are you interested in finding or creating a new hold or finisher?

Josh: Absolutely! I always try to do new moves and fine new ways of working the ring. Of
course someone will likely be jealous and steal my move. But they wont make it look as good as
I do.

MPW: This is the word association game. I will name a wrestler and you give me one word or
thought that comes to your mind.

Sir Bradley Charles ~ Good hair, but not as good as mine
Road Warriors ~ Best Tag Team ever
Tyler Cook ~ Loser
Ric Flair ~ A God
Paul Heyman ~ Best Promoter ever
AJ Styles ~ Jealous
Harley Race ~ underrated.

MPW: Josh we appreciate the chance to help the MPW fans get to know you a little better.

Josh: I am sure the website will freeze up once the ladies see this interview. It happens on
Facebook all the time.