With the Fan Favorite: Sir Bradley Charles

Immediately following a recent wrestling event, I watched as the ring was being taken down. That's when I saw wrestler Sir
Bradley Charles. I introduced myself and explained the concept of our "Behind the Curtain" article and asked if he
wouldn't mind answer questions for the fans. SBC graciously agreed to sit down with MPW and give us a glimpse into what
makes up SBC the wrestler.

MPW: SBC, we appreciate your willingness to sit down with the MPW fans and help us get to
know how you became Sir Bradley Charles.

SBC: Thank you for the opportunity. The fans mean a lot to me and I am happy to answer any

MPW: Lets start with a common question fans have for their favorite wrestlers, who inspired
you to become a pro wrestler?

SBC: I remember Razon Ramon's (Scott Hall) character really grabbed my attention first. As I
watched more wrestling, the Ultimate Warrior captured my interest. Of course, I loved watching
The Rock and how charismatic he is. I would also have to say Chris Benoit, Rob Van Dam and

MPW: That is definitely an interesting group of professionals to influence someone. So help the
MPW fans know more, what territories have you wrestled in?

SBC: I have wrestled in different providences of Canada (Winnipeg and Calgary), Australia,
Iowa, St. Louis, parts of Illinois and over course the Metro Pro territory.

MPW: You have definitely seen different parts of the world. I can imagine you saw a lot. With
what you have seen, what motivates you to do what you do night in and night out?

SBC: First and foremost, I love the fans and I love entertaining them. When I am ready, I hope
to one day be a World Wrestling Entertainment superstar. I know in order to get there I have to
work hard and continue to grow.

MPW: In order to get you there do you have goals for the next three years?

SBC: I would like to collect some championship titles throughout the Midwest so that I show I belong here.
When the time is right, it would be nice to have a dark match with Ring of Honor or WWE.

MPW: What type of match would you like to wrestle in? Why?

SBC: Well tag team and six man tag matches are fun but I am someone who loves the challenge
of a singles match. It's just me and one other person in the ring. I prefer wrestling another
technical wrestler who can test me and make me earn the victory.

MPW: Obviously, as of right now, you are a member of the Girthy Management Group, so we
have to ask, how does having a manager at ringside make someone a better performer?

SBC: (Laughter) Well, right now, all it does it help me lose. Typically, a manager helps enhance
the talent. If the wrestler can't communicate his message well, a good manager will, and he or she
will get the talent over with the fans.

MPW: When fans look back at your career what do you want to be best remembered for as a

SBC: I want to be remembered for my athleticism and being in great shape. Even as important as
that, I want to be known for being technically sound in the ring.

MPW: This is the word association game. I will name a wrestler and you give me one word or
thought that comes to your mind.

Steven Girthy ~ Weasel
Tyler Cook ~ Great performer
Jim Cornette ~ Genius
Shawn Michaels ~ The Show Stopper
Hulk Hogan ~ The "Idol"
Vince McMahon ~ The man
AJ Styles ~ Phenomenal
Brett Young ~ Moustache
Harley Race ~ Legend

MPW: SBC, it has been a real pleasure to interview you. It is obvious you are as genuine as you

SBC: It has been my pleasure thank you for asking me.