With the Central States Champion: Jeremy Wyatt

Recently the Central States Champion, Jeremy Wyatt, agreed to sit down with Metro Pro Wrestling and take part in a newly created interview segment called "Behind the Curtain." In this interview, we try to help you -- the fans -- meet and get to know the wrestler in more detail.

MPW: Jeremy, thank you for agreeing to be the first wrestler we interviewed for this new
concept, Behind the Curtain.

MPW: In order to help the fans get to know who Jeremy Wyatt is we created some questions,
the first was is what wrestler(s) have influenced your career?

Jeremy: Sting; "Macho Man" Randy Savage; Ravishing Rick Rude; and the Great Muta.

MPW: What type of match have you enjoyed wrestling in? Why?

Jeremy: I love to wrestle in an Iron Man Match. I wrestled in one once with a 60 minute time
limit. It even went 10 additional minutes longer. I like to be physically challenged and tested.
That match did just that.

MPW: What do you want your legacy to be in Pro Wrestling?

Jeremy: I always want to be known as the best wrestler on the card each night I perform. I want
the people to feel like they got their money's worth.

MPW: What opponent(s) do you feel has tested you the most?

Jeremy: I would say Mark Sterling and Tyler Black (WWE: Seth Rollins). Mark and I have a lot
of similarities despite some of our differences. We both enjoy be physically challenged.

MPW: What motivates you to do what you do in the ring night in and night out?

Jeremy: I enjoy beating people up and I am good at it.

MPW: Explain how having a manager at ringside makes you a better performer?

Jeremy: It doesn't, it just allows me to be more creative in what I do and (smirk) what I can get
away with.

MPW: This is the word association game. I will name a wrestler and you give me one word or
thought that comes to your mind.

Steven Girthy ~ very entertaining and he gets the job done.
Shawn Michaels ~ Best performer ever
Ric Flair ~ Best World Champion and one of the top 2 or 3 performers ever
John Cena ~ he serves the purpose and makes them money.
Jim Cornette ~One of the best managers and one of the best wrestling minds.
Randy Savage ~ Simply awesome
Harley Race ~ Legend and he put Kansas City on the map in pro wrestling.

MPW: Very interesting answers Jeremy. Thank you for your time.

Jeremy: The pleasure was all yours believe me.